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social media and teen mental health

Social Media and Youth Advisory Issued Again

The mental health emergency in the United States has reached an inflection point, with widespread public consensus that urgent action is necessary. Concerns include mental


Warning Signs of Orthorexia

Most teens are aware of the importance of good nutrition. However, in some cases, the well-intentioned pursuit of a healthful diet can transform into an


Whippets Drug

While most parents are increasingly vigilant about the dangers of marijuana and alcohol, a hidden threat lurks in many homes – nitrous oxide, commonly found

teen anxiety disorders

Signs Your Teen Struggles With Anxiety

Adolescence is a pivotal chapter in life, marked by rapid changes and significant growth. However, it’s also a time when many teens experience a decline

teen substance use prevention

Substance Abuse Prevention Month

Teen substance abuse is a public health crisis and a heartbreaking reality for many families. Since October is Substance Abuse Prevention Month, let’s explore the