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screen time

Digital Heroin

From tablets to smartphones, bright screens dominate our world. While these devices have undeniably made our lives more connected and convenient, they’ve also sparked a

teen suicide

Suicidal Ideation Among Teens

The teenage years are rife with academic challenges, emotional upheaval, and developmental changes. The pressure of transitioning from childhood to adulthood can become overwhelming. Unfortunately,

learning differences

List of Learning Disabilities

Returning to school can be an exciting and overwhelming time for many students and their families. However, for those with learning disabilities, this transition can

test anxiety

Effective Therapies for Test Anxiety

As summer surrenders to autumn and the new school year beckons, many students feel a mix of excitement and trepidation. For some, this unease centers

teen mental health statistics

Teen Mental Health Statistics

Teen mental health is a significant concern in America today, and it’s more critical than ever that parents and caregivers understand its various facets. In