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neurodivergent teen

What Does Neurodivergent Mean?

Teens on social media, particularly TikTok, have begun claiming to be neurodivergent. This trend is harmful because it takes the focus away from children who

marijuana and teens

Potent Marijuana Poses Risk to Teens

Although recreational marijuana use has become legal in California and other states, its use among underage teen populations brings about serious risks. The combination of


Is My Child Neurodivergent?

“Neurodivergent” is an umbrella term used to describe people whose brains have distinct strengths and weaknesses compared to the average person. Because they relate to

ADHD test for teens

Does My Teen Have ADHD?

American adolescents are facing an unprecedented mental health epidemic, exacerbated by issues like climate change, COVID-19 and a divisive political environment that make the future

how much sleep do teens need

Why Do Teenagers Sleep So Much?

Many Americans, including teenagers, are chronically sleep-deprived, overworked and overstressed. As a result, your teen may feel as if they are always tired, which could

video games and mental health

Video Games and Mental Health

From primitive games like Pong and Pac-Man to today’s sprawling, complex multiplayer environments, video games have captured Americans’ attention for decades. Many children and adults