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We’ve designed an easy, convenient process for you to make an appointment for your teen. Our team of expert clinicians and compassionate office staff members are standing by to match your child with the best provider for their needs. Contact us to start the conversation.

The Forum

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Start Your Teen's Recovery Journey

Call Our Office

The first step is to reach out to The Forum. Once you call or submit an online form, we’ll speak with you about your teen’s symptoms, treatment options, insurance coverage, and more. This information will be used to create your child’s treatment plan.

See the Change

After your teen’s initial appointment, we’ll let you know what the plan should be moving forward. Our team will continually inform you of their progress. We’ll also recommend ways for your family to get involved in their recovery.

Put your teen back on track today.

Insurance for Teen Treatment

Yes, The Forum accepts most major insurances. Private insurance, PPO, and out-of-network are all accepted. We can help you to maximize your coverage – just give us a call.