teen substance use prevention

Substance Abuse Prevention Month

October 18, 2023

Teen substance abuse is a public health crisis and a heartbreaking reality for many families. Since October is Substance Abuse Prevention Month, let’s explore the landscape of teen drinking and drug use and the steps you can take to guide your child through this challenge.

Understanding the Roots of Teen Substance Abuse

Why do some adolescents turn to drugs? This behavior doesn’t happen a vacuum. From the whirlwind of peer pressure to curiosity about the unknown, numerous factors entice teens into the world of substance abuse. For some, family history may predispose them to addiction, while for others, unhealthy coping mechanisms learned from adults might be the trigger.

There’s a silver lining – recent data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicates a decline in teen drug use. However, the number of adolescents who need professional substance abuse treatment remains alarmingly high. It’s not just about illegal drugs. The household medicine cabinet or liquor shelf can often be the starting point of a teen’s experimental journey.

Top Drugs Among Teens: Beyond the Illegal

Alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs like Adderall and Xanax are the most common substances abused by teens. Media portrayals have normalized drinking and drug use, making it seem like a harmless rite of passage.

Early intervention can prevent a foray into experimentation from becoming a full-blown addiction. Warning signs to watch for include:

  • A sudden drop in academic performance
  • Increasingly secretive behavior
  • Memory lapses
  • Neglecting personal hygiene and self-care
  • Growing disinterest in once-loved activities
  • Unpredictable or aggressive actions

Broaching the Delicate Conversation

Acknowledgment is the first step toward healing. Here’s what to do if you suspect your teen might be dabbling in substance use.

  • Plan: Organize your thoughts, anticipate reactions and approach the conversation empathetically.
  • Choose the right moment: Ensure they’re sober and select a calm environment for the discussion.
  • Avoid blame: Accusations and guilt trips can be counterproductive. Instead, focus on understanding and support.
  • Safeguard your home: Restrict access to addictive substances, locking away prescription medications and alcohol.

Empowering Recovery and Building Resilience

Adolescence is a stressful time, but your teen can navigate this phase with your steady hand to guide them. You don’t have all the answers, but your experience, love, and understanding can be invaluable assets.

Substance Abuse Prevention Month is more than a period of reflection – it’s a call to action. You can equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to guide your child, ensuring they emerge stronger and well-prepared for the challenges of adulthood. If you’re seeking support or resources, The Forum is here to help every step of the way. Contact us to ensure a brighter, happier adolescence and adulthood.