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Welcome to The Forum. Adolescents are increasingly in crisis and need immediate and intensive mental health treatment. The Forum was created to meet this need directly with comprehensive, proven and immediate treatment opportunities for your adolescent and family. 

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Meeting needs of teens and families when they need us.

From Our founder

The Forum was created out of the increased difficulties that adolescents have been facing and the need to receive more intensive mental health treatment. At The Forum we are committed to providing the most thorough and comprehensive treatment for your adolescent and family. We believe in keeping it real. We are honest and direct providers who believe in treating and educating teens and families by holding all parties accountable for their role and responsibility in the treatment process. We believe that through action is transformation, and through transformation builds a foundation that lays the groundwork for a strong sense of self, honesty, humility, and ultimately inner and outer peace. We believe in embracing the uniqueness that we all possess by learning to display these attributes through teaching skills and techniques that foster healthy and adaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Our treatment program is innovative, relatable, and effective. We believe in you and this journey. We look forward to working with your teen and your family and creating a path forward.

Joanna Savarese

Dr. Joanna Savarese
Executive Director / Founder
Neuropsychologist & Clinical Psychologist

Treatment today for the tools they need tomorrow.

Teen treatment at the forum

Our clinicians improve the lives of teens facing a variety of mental health and learning disorders. Adolescents come to The Forum at all stages of their therapeutic journey, from initial assessments to enrolling in intensive outpatient services for acute mental health or substance use disorders.  Our licensed  clinicians specialized in adolescent treatment and employ evidence-based practices. 

Treatment Outcomes

 Our individual and group treatment options for teens and their families consist of proven treatment protocols that improve the lives of those we treat. These include acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and psychodrama. These help our clients develop lifelong tools and inner resources for emotional wellbeing and self esteem, leading to improved relationships with themselves, their families and others. 

If your teen needs help organizing and remembering information, they’re not alone. Many adolescents struggle to prepare for exams or work through heavy homework loads. The Forum equips teenagers with the study skills necessary for retaining and recalling course material. Through our blend of concentration techniques, note-taking skills, and effective reading tactics, your child will be able to learn without stress.

If your teenager’s teachers aren’t getting through to him or her, we can help. The Forum’s academic support services enrich teens’ education with help that focuses on their relationships, skills, and needs. This supplements the instruction, guidance, and practice provided by teachers, administrators, and parents.

Best-in-Class Treatment

The clinicians at The Forum are experts in the treatment of adolescents and the challenges they face. With more than 15 years of graduate and post-graduate experience in the fields of psychology, neuropsychology, and assessment, Dr. Joanna Savarese is uniquely equipped to help your child to overcome these obstacles. As one of the authors of The Neuroscience of Learning: Principles and Applications for Educators, Dr. Savarese wrote the book on teen education. Her guidance shapes the treatment plan for each patient who enters our practice.

Your teen deserves to thrive. Contact The Forum to make an appointment.