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Support Groups for Teens in San Diego

June 21, 2023

Adolescence can be a challenging time for young people. They’re dealing with the rapid physical and emotional changes of puberty, while trying to establish their identities, independence and place in the world. For teens grappling with issues like anxiety, depression and addictive disorders, support groups provide a place where they can feel accepted and understood.   

While individual and family therapy are essential parts of an adolescent treatment program, there are also specific advantages of support groups for teens. 

1. Identify and Change Unhealthy Behaviors

Mental and behavioral health disorders do not arise in a vacuum. They typically stem from underlying conditions and deeply internalized negativity. Support group members get expert advice on how to cope with daily challenges and solve problems. They will refine practical strategies for dealing with life’s difficulties in an encouraging environment.

2. Improve Confidence and Communications Skills

Mental health and substance use disorders can be highly isolating. Introverted teens may struggle to communicate, developing low self-esteem as a result. In a support group, an experienced therapist will guide the conversation in a confidential setting. With time, participants will learn how to be more comfortable expressing their emotions and trusting others.

3. Rebuild Trust After Trauma

The world can feel unsafe for teenagers, especially those who have experienced traumatic experiences early in life. To address this, group therapy benefits include teaching teens how to identify when it’s appropriate to trust someone and ways to set boundaries. All group conversations and revelations remain private, and each teen can determine what and how much information they choose to reveal.

4. Make Healthier Friendships

If your teen is moody or evasive, meeting peers who have had similar experiences can let them open up and start socializing. Building relationships is an essential skill that will have lifelong benefits. Being part of a supportive group of peers who understand how they feel can accelerate healing and create the foundation for long-lasting friendships.

When teens start to realize they are not alone, they begin to feel more empowered and connected. They can find more joy in everyday situations and be part of something larger than themselves.

How to Enroll Your Teen in a Support Group

Some teenagers require additional support to make it through the ups and downs of adolescence. With group therapy and intensive outpatient treatment, The Forum provides a safe, neutral setting for guided discussion and conflict resolution. 

Summer offers more treatment opportunities for adolescents who are out of school. Our flexible approach lets you make weekday, weeknight or weekend appointments that fit your family’s schedule. Teen group therapy is one of the evidence-based clinical modalities we include in each teen’s tailored treatment plan. In general, our clients attend multiple sessions each week without having to leave home or disrupt their lives. If your family is going through a difficult time, reach out to us to learn more about how The Forum’s mental and behavioral health care services can help you.